Companies are paying big money to get your attention. We believe you deserve a portion of this money!

Get paid to use social media

You probably already figured that social media influencers are getting paid big to show ads in their content, promote certain products, attend events and showcase them through their channels. Companies are willing to pay huge sums of money for these services, because it’s fairly simple to set up a campaign. Plus, the return on investment can be really high!

Ultimately, companies want your attention. And there are a lot of different parties involved in order to make it happen.

Ultimately companies want your attention

We believe it is only fair that you receive a portion of these massive marketing budgets.

Getting paid and being able to emit your opinion will inevitably help you feel more involved in the process. We found a solution allowing you to get paid to watch videos on Youtube and engage in content on Instagram and Facebook.

Some facts

In case you are not really familiar with the marketing industry, let us throw some numbers at you.

On average YouTube pays a YouTube creator €7,000 per 1 million views and they receive an even higher amount, somewhere between € 0,01 and € 0,50 per view, from their advertisers.

€8 billion to Influencer Marketing in 2020

Influencers (1+ million subs) can easily receive more than €30,000 per sponsored video or post to feature a company(‘s product or service).

The Influencer Marketing Industry will be growing because of its rising popularity. The Advertising Industry was already a €1,2 trillion industry in 2017.

How this is relevant to you

We strongly believe that you are one of the driving forces within these strategies and that as such, you deserve a portion of the money. And that’s exactly what The Viewers Network is designed to do.

Your time on the platforms is worth money, and we came up with a solution to share the profits with you.

Your time on the platforms is worth money

We also understand that the content needs to be valuable, relevant and fun to watch. So, instead of following our own ideas in content creation, we will actively ask for your preferences in order to create content based on what you would like to see.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, we will launch multiple series, work with creators from all over the world and provide content in a variety of different languages and genres.

Consider The Viewers Network a broadcasting network that shares its profits with the viewer.

How does it work

It’s quite simple, without viewers and followers it is impossible to attract paying advertisers. And, without content, there is nothing to be seen. So, we have created an Instagram, Facebook and Youtube account which we will use to publish a ton of outstanding content from all our creators.

We will grow these accounts together with you, and we will reward you by sharing 75% of the profits with you.

75% of our profits, goes to you!

These profits are not limited to what we might receive from YouTube, it includes all forms of revenue streams, such as affiliate commissions, product placement deals, sponsored posts, event visits, meet & greets and so on.

We will publish our financial information in an annual report and will pay all our followers, including you, a dividend.

How do I claim my dividend?

To qualify for a dividend, you need to follow these steps:

001. Start following us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube (or only the platform you use, the more the better)

002. Register as an official viewer, this is 100% free of charge forever and no strings attached (launch in Q3 2020)

003. Invite your friends to do the same (not required but it would help a lot!)

Increase your dividend potential

In order to increase the height of your dividend payout, or in other words earn more money, it would be very helpful if you could:

Engage with our content

It really helps a lot if the published content gets a lot of likes, comments and shares. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are built as community platforms and they boost accounts that have a lot of engagement, which attracts more viewers worldwide.

Provide us with feedback (easy tool for this purpose will be launched soon)

Even though we share our profits with you, we understand that we still need to do our utmost best to create outstanding content and deserve your watch time. So, in order to create better content we need your feedback. Tell us what you would like to see and what improvements we could make!

Tell the world about this initiative

More followers equals more revenue and that equals a bigger payout for you. So please, don’t be shy to tell the world about this initiative!


  • Now: Our social media accounts are visible and you can start following them!

  • Q3 2020: First content will be published & Launch registration Official Viewer

  • Q1 2021: First annual report online & first dividend payout

  • Q1 2022: Second annual report online & second dividend payout

  • Q2 2022: Start with quarterly reports & dividend payouts


No, it’s completely free of charge forever. No strings attached!

We will publish all relevant information in Q3 of this year (2020) regarding payments. We will use IBAN and/or PayPal to pay your dividend.

  1. You need to follow our Instagram, Facebook and/or YouTube channel.
  2. You need to be registered as an official viewer. In Q3 2020 we will launch the possibility to register as an official viewer online.

To register as an official viewer (launch in Q3 2020) we need your personal information. This will be limited to the information we need to comply with the law and we will never share or sell your information without your permission.

You can expect to provide information such as your Full Name, Email Address, IBAN or PayPal username*

*We will never ask for sensitive information such as passwords!

It depends on how much our revenue and profits are. We equally share 75% of our profits amongst our registered viewers if they follow us on at least one social media account.

We are aiming high but we like to keep it real. Don’t expect to quit your job tomorrow but it could be a nice extra bit of money every year and ultimately every quarter.

Yes and no. Yes, because more engagement (follows, likes, shares, comments) will boost our performance and this will result in more revenue.

No, because you’re not getting paid based on the individual actions/interactions. It is to everybody’s benefit to grow the accounts and reach very high engagement numbers. So we trust in your engagement! Very active members will not go unnoticed!

We are filmmakers and marketers, we use this passion, knowledge and experience to produce outstanding content. Currently we are working on the following topics:

  • Lifestyle vlog to share bits of our professional and personal life on the French Riviera
  • Filmmaking tips & tricks
  • Marketing tips & tricks
  • Things to do and see on the French Riviera

Also we will ask your opinion on a regular basis and start producing content based on that. Our goal is to produce multiple series, work with creators from over the world and provide content in different languages and genres.