Use social media to reach your potential clients

Changing the game

Social media is booming and still growing. We came up with a game changing solution that makes our accounts outstanding.

High ROI requires insights

We share 75% of our profits with our registered viewers / followers. In return they engage with our content and provide us with valuable feedback which we use to produce relevant and better content.

Some facts

YouTube has 2+ billion users with a watch time of 40 minutes per day and 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile daily.

How it works

We have a huge passion for filmmaking and marketing. With more than 10+ years of experience we know what works and we keep track of trends to predict what works tomorrow.

Getting a high return on investment with your advertising campaigns isn’t easy and is influenced by multiple factors.

Less budget, more results

Instead of only spending your money on tons of third parties that all want a slice of your advertising pie. We give the actual followers / potential buyers a slice in return for engagement and valuable honest feedback.

These valuable and unique insights will result in smaller advertising budgets with higher ROI (Return On Investment) and a very engaged audience.


Our focus is to create outstanding epic content that is relevant and pleasant to watch. Based on the valuable input from our registered viewers / followers we determine what content needs to be created.

On the other hand we want your campaign to achieve the highest possible results.

Personal approach

In order to achieve this, your campaign has to meet the qualifications and will be reviewed by our audience.

Your business is unique and has its own approach, every partnership starts with a personal intake to discuss the details!


  • Now: Our social media accounts are visible and you can start following them!

  • Q3 2020: First content will be published & Launch registration Official Viewer

  • Q1 2021: First annual report online & first dividend payout

  • Q1 2022: Second annual report online & second dividend payout

  • Q2 2022: Start with quarterly reports & dividend payouts

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