Become a social media star, we’ve already got the followers, advertisers and film crew!

We’re looking for creators

Social media is booming and it requires massive amounts of fresh and relevant content to keep up with the demand.

Because everybody is able to upload a video to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook the (quality) bar has been lowered.

Even though this changed the game and made media more personal, we believe there is still plenty of room for higher quality content.

Some facts

Social media is growing and has already reached some mind blowing numbers. Let’s get baffled.

2+ billion people use YouTube and 30+ million of them visit YouTube daily to watch nearly 5 billion videos every day and scroll through the 500+ hours of content that is uploaded every minute.

We’ve got it all

The advertising industry is huge. Its sole purpose is to grab the attention of viewers, who could potentially end up buying a product or a service.

We don’t think it’s fair that all involved parties earn money with the exception of the viewer / potential buyer. That’s why we came up with a game changing concept.

We share 75% of our profits with our followers

We use 75% of our financial profits to pay our followers a dividend. They provide us with valuable feedback which we use to determine what type of content needs to be created.

Also we already have agreements with carefully selected advertising companies that match the content, audience and quality standards.

How does it work

Consider The Viewers Network as a broadcasting network that shares its profits with the viewer. We are filmmakers and marketers and we use this passion, knowledge and experience to produce outstanding content.

Our goal is to produce multiple series, work with creators from over the world and provide content in different languages and genres.


  • Now: Our social media accounts are visible and you can start following them!

  • Q3 2020: First content will be published & Launch registration Official Viewer

  • Q1 2021: First annual report online & first dividend payout

  • Q1 2022: Second annual report online & second dividend payout

  • Q2 2022: Start with quarterly reports & dividend payouts

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